Check artist: Bremer, Ken.

Front or back lit glass panels

Close-ups of natural elements are my specialty.

Copyright 2019 Diego Ceja


...seascapes, to set a mood.

"Elements" are very popular collages, both as joined and separate panels. I have a huge collection and will gladly create a custom set, or the designer can select from catalog.

Please note that many of these have been cropped from the full photographic files, and therefore max out at 40x40".

My urban imagery, nature scenes, floral, and abstracts can be found in corporate collections and boardrooms.

Over 90% of imagery is available from small to  wall-paper.

Installations of my work began in Phoenix, Arizona. The profits from my desert portfolios allowed me to travel and shoot other parts of the country as well as Central and South America. My photography can now be found in hospitals and clinics, corporate collections, and residences from coast to coast and outside the United States. Please refer to my  TESTIMONIALS.

My imagery is available for one-time files usage royalty, priced by specified output size, and then may be printed yourself on any media you choose. Files will be sent by any file sharing service you like.

My niche is producing very large original art pieces for corporate collections, hospitals, clinics, law offices, banks, hotels, resorts, municipal buildings, and other public spaces.

I was first a wedding photographer, then a product photographer, and now am a producer of wall-art, with a focus on urban imagery and "healing" art for healthcare.