Art consultants and designers know me by my real name Ken Bremer, but I sign my art work, and am doing business under the pseudonym Diego Ceja.

In 1995 I had the idea of shooting the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico. As an unusual artisitic twist, I shot them with 4x5 infrared film for a high contrast effect. Having shown the results to a gallery owner in the trendy art district of La Zona Rosa, Mexico City, I was accepted into the gallery with the condition that I sign my art with a Spanish alias. Suffice it to say, I needed to be Mexican to sell images of local historic antiquities.

I came up with the name Ceja (pronouced say ha), which means eyebrow in Spanish, and with my only stroke of artistic genius, I morphed the name into a face with the "eyebrow" over the "e" as a stress mark. This worked for me so well that I have used it and signed my work with it ever since. The first name Diego was an arbitrary thought, or the fact that I loved to vacation in San Diego.

I label myself as a corporate artist, as my work is usually curated for corporate collections and building wall decor.

I was first a wedding photographer, then a product photographer, and now am a producer of wall-art, with a focus on urban imagery and "healing" art for healthcare.

My niche is producing very large original art pieces for corporate collections, hospitals, clinics, law offices, banks, hotels, resorts, municipal buildings, and other public spaces.

Framed or loose prints are available from small to huge, both color and black and white.

Installations of my work began in Phoenix, Arizona.The profits from my desert portfolios enabled me to travel and shoot other parts of the country as well as Central and South America.

I have worked with art consultants and designers for the last 18 years.

My portfolios are varied in location and subject, and are expanding continually.

  • Pricing is calculated by square inch. 
  • Any size media print is custom to order.
  • Pricing is not published.
  • Orders may be negotiable by project budget.